25 Under 25: Young Designers of 2015


7 Unforeseen Advantages of E-Reading

Books have risen to popularity once again, and more people are being converted to the Nook reader application every single day. They are mainly drawn by the many obvious advantages over traditional books that it presents, such as increased portability, ease of access, a wide range of customization options, access to the entirety of the digital store etc.

Startup of the Week: Muzli

Startup of the Week: Muzli

Welcome to the thirteenth edition of “Startup of the Week” which features many great startups and interviews with successful business heads. This week, I interviewed Eyal Zuri and Ohad Aviv, the co-founders of Muzli.

How To Streamline Customer Data Collection

How To Streamline Customer Data Collection

Customer data is critical to your sales and marketing efforts. Accurate customer information helps you solve client problems and make sales. If your data is not accurate, your business can suffer tremendously. Use these tips to collect data quickly and efficiently.


5 Personal Finance Steps to Take Before Starting a Business

Ready to fire your boss? There’s certainly something rewarding about being the one to call all the shots. Well hold your horses… don’t all your desires of starting your own business get in the way of reality. Sure, the very idea of being able to say good-bye to your dead end job and having the ability to generate your own money on a project that you’re passionate about is great.