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Design Business: 10 Reasons to Start One Now

Starting a business is an amazing experience and a goal of many people. Finding motivation is as easy as viewing these famous inspirational business quotes from successful entrepreneurs. However, it is not that easy, as you learn some hard lessons along the way but both the journey and the destination is more than wonderful. Today I would like to share 10 reasons why you should consider starting your design business right now.

So firstly, how do we define a design business?

There are basically two types of design businesses – service and product-based. Many designers start out as freelancers which is really a service-based design business. Usually it’s a one man (or woman)  show doing specific design tasks for clients. Freelancing is fine for the beginning or the short term as it offers you a degree of freedom that contract work doesn’t. However, the nature of the beast is that you get paid per hour. Sadly you don’t get paid while you sleep (what an unfair world!)

This is where the difference between a service-based and a product-based business appears. A product-based design business (like selling wordpress themes, icons, templates, tutorials, the list is endless) can generate revenue when you’re not in the business, so called the passive way (you can earn while you sleep!) It might be challenging attracting customers and generating profit at the beginning but it will definitely pay off in the long run.

I’ve come up with 10 reasons that will help you decide about starting your own design business now. Whether product or service-based, it is the right time to do it now. Carpe Diem!

You do not need an investment

One of the biggest challenges facing new start-ups is the lack of financial investment. In a design business however, you need another investment to succeed – commitment. If you decide to start your own design business you have to live it everyday, you have to be a design entrepreneur 24/7. If you are willing to invest your time and passion you will definitely succeed. You must live it, eat it, breathe it and sleep it.

You do not need a team

There are so many freelancers  who are successful working alone. Most of the modern designers have a wide skill-set ranging from design through web development to marketing and even more. If you are a designer you can read some blogs, take online training courses on programming, marketing, business to extend your knowledge and start building business of your own. You are your own team and you need to identify the gaps in yourself and address those through our suggestions above.

You do not need an office

Another advantage of starting up a design business is that you do not need an office or special equipment. You can work from your kitchen (easy to get to the fridge!) or your bedroom using your laptop. Productivity might not be at the highest point as you have to be self-disciplined but if you are passionate about pursuing your dream of building a successful business it will work. We are proof of this.

You can start a design business with very little money. It’s true!

You will need only a small amount of money to start a design business (no need to rob a bank). $100 is more than enough to start up your own business. Here is a quick breakdown: $10 for domain name, $60 for hosting (1 year) and some expenses on the design resources, premium theme, icons, logo design if you can’t design it yourself but we know you can.

The hard part would be managing the finances of the business after the start up, expenses, traveling costs, etc. You may want to go back to school for a Bachelor of Science in Finance to prepare.

The design industry is growing each year

The design industry is huge and worth billions globally. Fashion design, interior design, graphic design, digital design, design, design, design. Digital design is growing at a meteoric pace and the introduction to new digital devices and related services to the market are creating numerous design entrepreneurship opportunities. You can design websites, blogs, e-commerce sites, mobile apps, interfaces for smart TVs, web apps and the list goes on. The trick is for you to be ready for the next new design opportunity as soon as it appears.

The community is just fantastic

Any community is only as great as its members and we know, from experience, that the design community is just simply fantastic. So many creative professionals are sharing their experience and skills on their blogs, Twitter, Facebook. It is easier than ever to connect with your peers and ask for feedback, advice or an opinion. Everyone is extremely helpful and if you are willing to sharpen your design skills, design gurus are quick to help. The design community also stands apart for being open minded and encouraging innovation and creativity. In many communities, being different is frowned upon, not so, in ours. So, if you are able to offer something different you can easily get new fans from the design community where people are passionate about creating and using beautiful products or services. Our community celebrates innovation.

Design business gives you many possibilities

We are talking about possibilities that can change your entire life. Connections you will make, people you’ll meet and help and that will change the course of your life forever. If you are in the creative industry a lot of amazing things can happen. You may choose to work with a promising startup that is going to change the world. Or you may create a campaign that will save people’s lives. This is not just about making money and enjoying the work you do but also helping other people and making world better through your design solutions. You can find the industry that you would like to work in and guaranteed, they will need a designer.

You’ll never be ready. Do it now!

The fear of failure is what stops many people. As cliched as it sounds, fear is the stepping stone to success. Most entrepreneurs know from personal experience that you have to fail 9 times to  be successful on the 10th attempt. The biggest businesses have all had a series of failures along the journey to become who they are now. All the “overnight successes” you see are actually years of hard work and challenges met through sheer passion and commitment. To succeed, you must be tenacious and determined.

Don’t wait for the point when you will know everything and will be “ready” to start business. That moment won’t come. Success, according to an old saying, is 99% perspiration and 1% inspiration. It comes from failure and learning from that failure and also, learning to fail. You have to start your business now to make mistakes, to learn from them and grow as an entrepreneur. You have to change your mindset and see failures just as a part of the path to success.

“Screw it, let’s do it.” – Sir Richard Branson

Just do it. As simple as that.

Do what you love

You love designing, making things better, playing around with different concepts? Then do what you love. There are so many possibilities for today’s designer. You can design mobile interfaces, web apps, websites, magazines, themes, icons, posters, business cards, logos the list is huge. The most important thing is to do what you love with intelligence now so that in future you won’t need to work for someone else.


Running your own design business gives you freedom. You will have a flexibility to design your own lifestyle, no matter what you chose to do with your design business you can basically work from anywhere in the world. Your business, your rules. You can decide how much you want to work and when you want to take time off.


There is only one way to get to know if you will be successful. There is only one way for you to discover what kind of products you have an aptitude to create and what kind of difference you’ll make with your work. Do it. Right now.

Featured image, Desk AN by Monolito.

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