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15 Amazing Redesigns of Famous Websites

A website redesign gives an opportunity to grow the business and stay in touch with the service or product customers. After the redesign process website should work the same way. You should redesign your website in time considering modern web design trends in order to stay on the top. While doing it, site functionality and user experience should be your primary concern. Because you know – beautiful design without great UX is worthless.

Dribbble is the biggest place where you can find a lot of great and talented designers. Check all these 15 amazing (unofficial) redesigns of famous websites by the best designers from all over the world.

Linkedin Redesign

Youtube Redesign

 Google Redesign

Dribbble Redesign

Twitter Redesign

Gmail Redesign

Flickr Redesign

Tumblr Redesign

Instagram Redesign

Apple Store

Dropbox Redesign

Basecamp Redesign

Imdb Redesign


Wikipedia Redesign

Amazon Redesign

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