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15 Young Designers to Follow in 2014

Age is just a number. There are many young and talented designers who grew up with social media and digital products. These people are capable of finding new ways of solving world problems and innovating any product with their fresh and creative point of view.

Sometimes it is hard to believe what these young designers have already achieved before turning 25 or even 20. They have designed products used everyday by millions of people around the world, wrote articles and tutorials that teach new generation to make better design decisions, wrote books and founded companies.

You will definitely have to follow designers on this list to keep up with the news in the industry or just learning and finding inspiration in their work.

There are many more young and talented designers out there but I tried to include the most active ones with the highest quality of work.

Jared Erondu

Writer and designer

Jared is a writer and designer from Brooklyn, living in San Francisco. In the past, he’s worked with Evomail (co-founder), Omada HealthLift (Obvious Corp), EnvatoTED, and Treehouse among others.

Currently co-founder & editor of The Industry, and Creative Director at Teespring. Jared was recently nominated for Young Designer of the Year.

Follow Jared on Twitter / Dribbble

Nathan Barry

Designer, author & entrepreneur

Nathan recently published The App Design Handbook, a guide to designing beautiful iOS applications. He has created a few iOS apps including OneVoice and Commit. Legend is his software design company where Nathan releases apps and does consulting work.

Follow Nathan on Twitter

Janna Hagan

Designer & blogger

Janna is a very active designer and blogger from Toronto, Canada. She has won .net Young Designer award in 2011. Janna is also a creator of A Student’s Guide to Web Design.

Follow Janna on Twitter / Dribbble

Paula Borowska

Designer and blogger

Paula Borowska is an active blogger and designer. You can find her writings on biggest design blogs including Designmodo and Webdesigner Depot. She loves all thing UX and all thing mobile.

Follow Paula on Twitter / Dribbble

Callum Chapman

UX/UI designer & entrepreneur

Callum is a UX/UI Designer at Circlebox Creative based in London, UK. He is also a co-founder of – dot grid books for designers, Inkbug & Traveltrooper.

Follow Callum on Twitter / Dribbble

Ilja Miskov

Interface & graphic designer

Ilja is a young and active interface and graphic designer from Tallin, Estonia. He is selling digital goods on Creative Market.

Follow Ilja on Twitter / Dribbble

Daniel Eden

Designer, coder & blogger

Daniel Eden is a designer, coder and writer currently working in San Francisco for Dropbox as a Designer. He has created a handful of cool and useful projects such as Onworda minimal and distraction-free writing environment, BrillsAnimate.css and Toast. He was nominated as Young Designer of the Year.

Follow Daniel on Twitter / Dribbble

Victor Erixon


Victor Erixon is known for his style which combines a modern minimalist approach with usability. Born in Sweden  and currently based in New York Victor keeps challenging himself and creates amazing products. He was recently nominated as Young Designer of the Year.

Follow Victor on Twitter / Dribbble

Cat Noone

Designer & blogger

Cat is a very active designer and blogger from Brooklyn, currently based in Berlin, Germany. She is a co-founder of Liberio, a tool for simple eBook creation & one-click publishing using Google Drive.

Follow Cat on Twitter / Dribbble

Ivo Mynttinen

User interface designer

Ivo is a designer from Germany specializing in User Interfaces, Web Design and Front End Development. Ivo has an exceptional talent and publishes great content like The iOS Design Cheat Sheet on his own blog.

Follow Ivo on Twitter / Dribbble

Davey Heuser


Davey is a 20 something year old creative individual from the Netherlands. He’s currently studying Communication and Multimedia Design at The Hague University and works at Yummygum as a Junior Visual Designer.

Follow Davey on Twitter / Dribbble

Pascal Gärtner

Designer & developer

Pascal is a self-taught Designer and Developer, living and working in Berlin, Germany. He designs simple yet rich interfaces for Web and Mobile.

Follow Pascal on Twitter / Dribbble

Jeffrey de Groot

Visual designer

Jeffrey de Groot is a young and talented designer from Rotterdam, the Netherlands. He works as a Junior Visual Designer at Yummygum. Currently graduating on Progressive Reduction.

Follow Jeffrey on Twitter / Dribbble

Luboš Volkov

Visual designer

Luboš is a young and active designer from Czech Republic working on Other icons. He is also a lead visual designer at Toptal.

Follow Luboš on Twitter / Dribbble

Jon Gold

Designer & programmer

Designer and programmer from London, UK. He has worked on some great projects including Attending & Hire my Friend .He was recently nominated for Young Designer of the Year.

Follow Jon on Twitter / Dribbble

Twitter list

I have created a list on Twitter including all of the designers mentioned in this article. Follow your favorites or the whole list here: Young Designers.

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