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20 Design Bloggers To Follow on Twitter

Twitter is one of the best digital networking tool. I use it for discovering new content, connecting with like minded-people and sharing my work. If you are into design industry or want to learn more about user experience design, freelancing, startups and much more you should definitely follow people from this list.

There are so many great design bloggers to follow but to keep up with all of them you need to limit the number. This list has been made in a random order and I am sorry if I didn’t include you to this list. If your favorite designer is not on the list please tweet at @despreneur and I’ll extend the list or create second list.

1. Chris Spooner

Chris runs very popular design blogs including Line25 and Spoon Graphics Blog. He’s very active on social media sharing fresh design resources, useful tools and freebies. Chris is based in Sheffield, UK.

Twitter: @chrisspooner


2. Dainis Graveris

Dainis is Latvian designer and entrepreneur who runs 1sWebDesigner, a blog and learning platform for designers and freelancers. Dainis tweets about business, freelancing, career, self-development, design and development. He’s currently in Philippines.

Twitter: @1stwebdesigner


3. Vitaly Friedman

You’ve already heard about Vitaly. He runs probably the most famous design blog in the world – Smashing Magazine. By following him on Twitter you’ll get to know hot design news, cool tools and surprise giveaways. Vitaly is traveling a lot but sometimes you can find him in Freiburg, Germany.

Twitter: @smashingmag


4. Cameron Moll

Cameron is a designer, speaker, and author living in Sarasota, Florida with his wife and four sons. He’s the founder of Authentic Jobs Inc, among other endeavors. He shares latest design news, design and tech jobs and interesting reads online.

Twitter: @cameronmoll


5. Brad Frost

Brad is a web designer, speaker, writer, consultant, musician, and artist in Pittsburgh, PA. Brad is actively blogging about web and mobile design, UX and design industry. By following him on Twitter you’ll get to know new web design techniques and discover cool resources.

Twitter: @brad_frost


6. Osvaldas Valutis

Osvaldas is a web designer, developer and blogger. He is a creator of a responsive RSS reader Readerrr. Osvaldas shares dozens of cool design findings and his own tools and experiments that can improve your workflow. He resides in Klaipeda, Lithuania.

Twitter: @osvaldas


7. Tina Roth Eisenberg

Tina is a very creative and initiative designer and speaker. She is founder of world famous movements and organisations CreativeMornings, TeuxDeux, Studiomates and Tattly. Tina shares latest design resources, tools and life happenings. She is based in Brooklyn, NY.

Twitter: @swissmiss


8. Mirko Humbert

Mirko is Swiss graphic and web designer currently based in Beijing, China. He runs Designer Daily, a daily updated blog on design inspiration and resources. Mirko is very active on Twitter sharing web design tools, typography resources and latest inspirations.

Twitter: @mirkohumbert


9. Veerle Pieters

Veerle is Belgian graphic/web designer, author of Veerle’s blog and chief of the playground at Duoh! Veerle is actively sharing design goodies, tutorials and news that will keep you on the track. You can also see some beautiful pictures form Belgium on her feed.

Twitter: @vpieters


10. Blaz Robar

Blaz is a web designer based in Melbourne, Australia. He is a co-founder & designer at Eleven Media. Blaz shares enormous amount of design freebies starting with simple UI kits and finishing with completely working HTML/CSS templates.

Twitter: @BlazRobar


11. Paula Borowska

Paula is a very active blogger and designer contributing to biggest design blogs. She runs Being Limited, a blog about user experience and interface design. Paula tweets about blogging, user experience, visual design and her travelings.

Twitter: @paulaborowska


12. Janna Hagan

Janna is a designer and blogger based in Toronto, Canada. She is a creator of A Student’s Guide to Web Design and designer at Myplanet. Janna shares latest design news, useful tools and inspiration.

Twitter: @_jannalynn


13. Sacha Greif

Sacha is a designer, hacker and writer from Paris, now living in Osaka, Japan. He is a creator of Folyo, TheToolbox, Telescpe and Sidebar. Sacha is actively sharing news from web design and development industry as well as his work process, inspiration, new tools and resources.

Twitter: @SachaGreif


14. Alex Mathers

Alex is an illustrator, speaker, author and blogger based in London, UK. He is founder of Red Lemon Club, a blog about refreshing ideas for attracting and winning clients. Alex shares a lot of information on digital lifestyle, business, design resources and inspiration.

Twitter: @MoonApe


15. Meng To

Meng is a self-taught UI/UX designer living in San Francisco. He is founder of Shadowness, he left his job to entirely focus on his book Design+Code. Meng tweets a lot about iOS design and development, latest design tools and resources.

Twitter: @MengTo


16. Nick Pettit

Nick is a designer, public speaker, teacher at Treehouse, and co-host of The Treehouse Show. He is currently residing in Orlando, FL. Nick tweets about latest design news, cool tools and interesting reads.

Twitter: @nickrp


17. Mariusz Ciesla

Mariusz is a Polish designer and blogger currently living in Berlin, Germany. He is designing digital products and co-founded Lifetramp. Mariusz shares a lot of user experience design related stuff as well as hottest design and startup news.

Twitter: @dotmariusz


18. Liam McKay

Liam is a blogger and designer based in England, UK. He is a designer at Creative Market and runs a fun little deals site for designers and developers called Dealotto. Liam is tweeting about fresh design resources, tutorials and hot design news.

Twitter: @liammckay


19. Jakub Linowski

Jakub is a UI designer living in Toronto, Canada. He is a creator of Wireframes Magazine and GoodUI, a blog about high conversion rate and easy to use user interface. Jakub tweets about user experience, business and design science.

Twitter: @jlinowski


20. Jacob Cass

Jacob is Australian web, graphic, logo designer and blogger currently residing in New York. He is a creator of Logo Of The Day, logo design inspiration gallery and awards. Jacob tweets about freelance business, design process, branding and fresh design industry news.

Twitter: @justcreative


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