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20 Latest Free Fonts for Classy Projects

This is my another freebie article. Typography is essential for any design project as it sends the majority of information and communicates with the viewer. In this compilation I’ve collected 20 interesting & creative fonts for classy projects. All of these free fonts are really going to crush your next project! Hope you guys will enjoy it.

P.S. If you don’t need new fonts now, just save this article to your bookmarks for using it later. Talking about bookmarks check out my previous article: 10 Excellent Bookmarking Tools You Should Know.

Partout Font

Take It Or Leave It Font

Skinny Bastard Font


Jimmy Font

Idolatra Font

Displace Font

Phantasm Font

Fold Font

Isometric Font

Reis Font

Make It Work Font

Gent Font

LeParisien Font

Modeka Font

Fins Font

Bear & Loupe Font

Quadra Font

Parker Font

Futrista Font

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