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5 Apps Ideal For Increasing Productivity

As of September 2016 there were close to 2.4 million apps on the Google Play Store and around 2.2 million apps available via Apple’s App store. Apps were originally developed, on the whole, to make perform a task more efficiently or to solve a problem that hitherto had no solution. And almost five million apps later, it’s safe to say some progress has been made. Not only is there now a large selection of productivity apps for you to choose from, but a number of hybrid apps are emerging that function like both native apps and mobile web apps. The biggest advantage of this is that your app is no longer limited by your platform.

This is great news for those who use apps for increasing productivity or concentration as you won’t have to wait for separate versions for each operating system to be developed. Everyone wants to do more in less time – with that in mind, we’ll be looking at five apps that can help you achieve just that.


RescueTime tracks and calculates how you spend your time on the internet. Each week you will receive a report telling you which sites you visited and for how long. If you want to be more productive, you can set personal productivity goals and RescueTime will track that, too. There are free and paid options and if you’d like to block a site you feel you spend too much time on, RescueTime will ensure that you don’t have access to it and you can carry on with more pressing matters without external distractions.


Evernote is a conglomerate productivity app – that is to say it a core and central hub for productivity. Whether you need to make a note, a list or a daily schedule, Evernote can do it. If you’re out for lunch and have a spontaneous idea, then Evernote makes for the ideal medium on which to jot things down, even if you’re working remotely. You can also create voice notes, reminders, and even take pictures and attach them to your notes. There are a number pricing plans which include free, premium and business – the paid plans have a bunch more features that allow you to collaborate with other friends and colleagues.


This is definitely an app designed for those who think more visually and creatively. It’s pretty simple but nonetheless effective – Inkflow allows you to draw out ideas and then export them to either PDF or JPEG formats so that they can be sent or transferred as you like. It’s ideal for getting your thoughts down on “paper” where they’re in a much more manageable and tangible medium. The best part about this app? It’s absolutely free.

Habit List

Habit List allows you to create list of everything you feel you need to complete your goals. It will keep you motivated and focused using a variety of features such as encouraging you to keep up streaks, and reminding you of current due dates. It also reminds you daily in an effort to really ingrain the habit you’re trying to build. Over time you’ll be able to see how well your habits are forming (or not) with easy to read and understand graphs that will log your progress.


This app utilizes the Pomodoro Technique in an effort to achieve focus and long-term concentration. The Pomodoro Technique is all about keeping you focused while reducing mental fatigue by working and taking breaks in orderly and scheduled chunks of time. Focusbooster allows you to keep track of how you use your time and, as a result, will cultivate better work habits.

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