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5 Writing Tips That Will Transform Your Copy Into Money

Writing is hard, especially for writers. But what about web designers and developers?

Crafting the perfect email or landing page copy is a grand pain in the rear, it’s true. Thankfully, master copywriters have gifted the world with several tips on how to write the perfect copy that us laymen can, well, copy.

Here’s a quick exercise: pick up a pen and paper (real ones) and rewrite the subheadings I wrote below. Make them catchy, fancy, and post them in the comments.

1. Focus on the Benefits

Clear benefits on

Instead of writing the features of your product or service, tell your readers what they will gain instead. Keep in mind that your audience do not care if your web design service includes the use of HTML5, jQuery, and advanced Adobe Photoshop magic.

They don’t care.

All they care about is what they will get from you.

Focus on the benefits. Answer the question, “what’s in it for me?” and you will already be a good copywriter (even if you aren’t). Place yourself in their shoes.

Say, you are looking for a Roomba and the salesman approached you and tells you about all the sensors it has, how long it runs on battery, and how much dirt it can contain. Okay, that’s helpful. But you know what’s an instant ticket to the cashier? These words: sit back, relax, and let Roomba vacuum the room for you.

In the same sense, saying “I will create a website for you using HTML5!” sure is cool, but saying “I will help your business gain more clients!” is better.

2. Have a Super Headline

Super simple and straightforward headline on

“I like making great ideas happen” makes me want to contact the guy who wrote this and discuss my ideas with him. It’s simple yet it appeals to what people want, and that is to turn their great ideas into reality.

A well-written headline or tagline paints a thousand pictures. It describes what your product or service is all about while catching people’s attention.

The truth is, if you follow the first tip, you will most likely end up writing a perfect headline.

3. Use Humor

Everyone could use a good laugh or a smile. Consider using humor to keep your readers interested.

There is a reason why 9Gag is a great hit and a lot of memes are getting shared on social media sites. People want to laugh, and if you can manage to give them just that, you’ll get yourself an interested audience. And that’s exactly what you want, right?

It can be a joke, self-deprecating humor, or something very light that will bring a smile to anyone. Make them feel warm and fluffy, it’s the best way to build a relationship with an audience you’ll probably never meet in person.


You are not writing a scholarly paper, you don’t need to write lengthy sentences and paragraphs. More so, avoid using complicated words. Your goal is to never make your reader reach out for a dictionary. Keep it simple, stupid!

Sure, you can be playful, but be brief. One thing that I always keep in mind whenever I write is if there’s a word for it, I use it.

Use strong but simple words. Strong words will leave an impression on your readers and they will most likely “save” it in their memory.

5. Do it Again

Image by Thomas Hawk.

Suppose that you already have crafted your perfect email or landing page copy, and if you think that it’s totally likeable, it’s time to write another one.

Yup. Write another one. And I mean it.

This is also known as A/B testing. A/B testing is when you have multiple versions of a text or design and run an experiment to see which version will get more engagement.

If you are running an email campaign, write at least three headlines and send them as a split test. You will then see which headline attracts the most clicks and from there on you can adjust your writing style based on what works.

This applies to website design too. Never settle for just one or two, do at least three. Give it a couple of days and see which of the three receives better engagement and switch to that. A perfect tool for A/B testing websites is Optimizely.


Read your copy out loud. If your tongue gets twisted, that’s a glaring sign that says you’ll need to change it to something smoother. If it sounds bad, it’s probably bad for the mind too. Try your hardest to make your readers dance with your words.

Words are like links. The more the links connect properly to each other, the longer the chain is forged. And chains are used to restrain a person from walking away. Well, that didn’t sound out right, but you get the idea.

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