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7 Unforeseen Advantages of E-Reading

Books have risen to popularity once again, and more people are being converted to the Nook reader application every single day. They are mainly drawn by the many obvious advantages over traditional books that it presents, such as increased portability, ease of access, a wide range of customization options, access to the entirety of the digital store etc.

Odds are you have heard about these great features before, but what about the features that don’t get the spotlight? There are a lot of features you might not even think about that will prove to make the acquisition of this app even more worth it, and the following list details seven of them.

Experience Different Flavors of Your Favorite Author

In the past, it was expensive and time-consuming to produce and distribute a new book, and that meant authors would remain “safe” when submitting a new book for publication. In other words, they would stick, more or less, to the topics and formulas that had made them famous to begin with and that they knew they were good at. The eBooks provided by the virtual store are much cheaper and easier to publish. Not as much of a risk is involved, so authors are more at liberty to test the waters and branch out into new genres and subjects. This can result in some failures, but also in some real gems.

Get Free Books

Many people think they will have to pay for every book they want to read, but good eReader apps such as the digital store offers lots of classics for free! What’s more, reputable eReader app makers create beautiful and full-featured interfaces on which to read your free material.

Be Discreet

If you’re like most people, you sometimes read books you don’t want those around you to know you’re reading. Maybe you’re into mature romance novels, for example, or grisly murder mysteries, and you don’t want everyone on the subway judging you by your book’s cover. When you’re reading this robust and useful application, no one can tell what you are reading, or even that you are reading a book at all.

Help Maintain Culture

This application helps less mainstream and more artful, meaningful books gain a wider audience. According to ePublishers Weekly, “by setting an example for diversity and freedom of expression, eBooks may motivate the stagnant book publishing industry towards the renewal of small presses, the end of the blockbuster-bestseller publishing mentality, and a healthier balance between the needs of commerce and culture.” Think of it in similar terms as the fall in popularity of soulless cash grab blockbusters in theaters and the increase in popularity of more inspired independent films. The bottom line is that eBooks make it easy to find great writing about deeper and more subversive topics that are generally covered in traditional books.

Save Space

Almost all households have at least one bookshelf that is overflowing with books people have read in the past and cast aside, refusing to throw them away. This application can easily consolidate your entire library into one device, so you don’t have to take up any extra space in your house to save all your books.

Learn Languages

Most Americans took Spanish or French in high school or college and are fairly good with the language. They wish they were better, though, and they would love to be able to read books in the language they partially learned, but there are too many unknown words. With built-in translators and foreign language dictionaries, this high tech reader application makes it possible to flex your language skills by reading a book in a foreign language and looking up the words you don’t know. Not only will this help you patch up the holes in your knowledge of the language, but it will open up a whole new world of literature to explore.

Read Flawless Material

Since mobile devices can connect to the Internet, the eBooks on them can be frequently updated. Of course, no updates will be administered without your approval, but they will keep your books completely free of typos and bad word choice.


This application is constantly innovating and providing us with brand new features to enhance our reading experience. Though it might be lacking access to the store, the application does allow you to turn any device into a Nook at your convenience, making it one of the most useful on the application market. NOOK reading app for Android and iOS, is one of the best ones and is a great place to start – and finish – your search. It’s time to read on your terms, and it’s time to read everything you want.

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