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9 Excellent Websites to Learn Photo Editing

There have been many articles written about the value of photography in design. Design and photography go hand in hand. Compelling photography can add depth and value to a design, whether it is web or print.

Knowing how to edit your photos properly can also help immensely. Photos that look the part will blend with your design much better.

That is why today I gathered some great sites to help you learn photo editing.

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Photoshop Tutorials

This is probably one of my favorite sites to learn about photo editing. Photoshop Tutorials shares a vast array of tips, tricks, and free downloads all related to the art of post processing.


Digital Photography School

While the site itself caters to all things photography, DPS has a great section on post production. Their tutorials are very detailed and explanative, and offer some great tips for beginners and advanced photo editors alike.



Another great site to learn photo editing and photography in general is Photodoto. They feature excellent, lengthy tutorials on various photo editing techniques for Photoshop, Lightroom, and other photo editing software.



FilterGrade is a neat site that provides photographers with Photoshop actions and other post processing tools. They also share a ton of cool tutorials, free downloads, and quick tips relevant to photo editing on their blog. Well worth checking out if you want to learn photo editing in Photoshop.


/r/postprocessing (Reddit)

Learn photo editing first hand on Reddit’s Post Processing subreddit. Anyone can ask questions or respond to other photographer’s posts. Learn and teach photo editing in this cool community.


Photoshop Cafe

If you want to learn about all kinds of programs, Photoshop Cafe might be your best bet. They share tutorials for Photoshop, Lightroom, and a few other popular photo editing programs.


Layers Magazine

Dubbed “The How-to Magazine for Everything Adobe”, Layers Magazine is a really valuable resource. They allow you to filter tutorials for practically every program out there so you can learn photo editing on a broad scale.


Laura Shoe’s Lightroom

For those of you that need Lightroom specific content, Laura’s blog is the best I could find. She covers all the basics, intermediate, and advanced techniques in her excellent video series, and has some other great content on the site itself.


Lightroom Killer Tips

Last, but not least comes Lightroom Killer Tips. A massive site that shares tutorials, free presets, and other useful content. They also share some really nice quick tips if you’re too busy for the longer tutorials.


If you’re looking for a few more sites to check out, I recommend reading a post on the best sites for learning Photoshop. Best of luck on your journey to learn photo editing!

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