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About Despreneur

Despreneur is a magazine about design, technology and entrepreneurship. Nowadays designers play major roles in successful startups and established companies. A Despreneur, coined by us, is  a new breed of human being — a designer with an entrepreneurial mindset. If you are a designer who has an entrepreneurial fire or an entrepreneur with a passion for design, here you will find everything you need — information about design careers, kickstarting and successfully running your own business. Between 75 and 90% of startups fail — Despreneur is here to ensure that you are not part of that statistic.

If you are a designer with no immediate intention of starting your own business, this magazine is still for you. You will still find designer-friendly information about business management, marketing, leadership, personal development as well as updates from design industry and its leaders around the globe. In short, if you are simply seeking to boost your creative output or your career, we will give you the tools.

Our mission

To provide you with the latest cutting-edge educational information on technology, design and entrepreneurship.

Our vision

To educate and create a new type of entrepreneurs with an eye for visionary design  — despreneurs!

Our values

To create a community of like-minded design entrepreneurs (despreneurs) who enjoy sharing and constantly evolving.