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What Despreneur is All About

If you’ve ever wondered:

“Where can I learn how to design and code?”, you’re in the right place.

Despreneur is where aspiring freelancers turn to for proven design and development advice.

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About Elliott Davidson

Despreneur is run by Elliott Davidson, a freelance designer and developer.

After needing to create his first website to promote himself, Elliott learned to design and code and launched his first website. He then created Despreneur to teach the lessons he learned along the way.

Since launching Despreneur, Elliott has managed to reach over 2 million readers by publishing informative tutorials to help aspiring designers and developers can use. Despreneur is now one of the most popular design & development blogs online.

And he’s built this growing business while travelling to countries like America, France, Spain and Germany. He currently lives in the UK.