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In the last two years, Despreneur has reached over 2 million people to date. Advertising on Despreneur will help you reach designers, entrepreneurs, investors, early adopters, bloggers and spread the message about your product or story.

Sponsored Posts

We accept sponsored posts, whether it’s a new product you’re launching or simply a story you’re excited about, we’re happy to help you reach more people.

We offer two options:

  1. $300 for a sponsored post if you provide the content.
  2. $300 for a sponsored post if you provide the content + $250 for a promotion on our 13,000+ email list and social media.

Additional: $100 if we need to write the content + $100 for a featured story.

Important: All sponsored posts will be indicated as sponsored and transaction fees will be charged. Not all sponsored posts will be accepted.

Despreneur Stats

Monthly Uniques – 58 000

Monthly Pageviews – 83 000

Top Countries – United States, India, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia

Newsletter Subscribers – 13 000+

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Facebook Fans – 3 200+


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