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Announcing Despreneur Academy

Design has been a hobby for a long time and has become my job half a decade ago. I have never expected to be studying in Denmark, working in London, building startups, teaching people design, writing books and traveling the world. Design has totally changed my life, I am location independent designer, blogger and entrepreneur with one mission – to inspire and empower people to change their lifestyles.

In 2013 I have started Despreneur to help designers to learn more about business, to earn more and become financially independent.

Despreneur’s mission hasn’t changed since. This year I want to go more in depth and launch Despreneur Academy (sign up for early access), a membership platform for you to learn design, entrepreneurship and technology.

Change your lifestyle

I want to give you the opportunity to learn highly demanded skills and start designing your own lifestyle, whether it is to become a designer, entrepreneur or engineer. You can then start freelancing, start your own business, or get a well paid job in your dream company. Or travel the world as I currently do, writing this from Hubud co-working space in Ubud, Bali.

“You’ve written a book, launched a startup, you’ve been interviewed on Forbes, you are traveling the world. How do you do it?” – Curious friend of mine

I’d like to share everything I know if you are willing to invest your time and energy into transforming your life into something you have been dreaming of.

I have prepared a 2 min questionnaire that will help me refining the academy, I would highly appreciate your collaboration. Below are some screenshots of the academy.

Course on Despreneur Academy.

Courses on Despreneur Academy.

Business course on Despreneur Academy.

Business course on Despreneur Academy.

Despreneur Fund for empowering entrepreneurship.

Despreneur Fund for empowering entrepreneurship.

Profile page on Despreneur Academy.

Profile page on Despreneur Academy.

Despreneur Academy is here to empower you to:

  • Learn design, business and technology in order to live an extraordinary life.
  • Meet amazing people.
  • Get advising from experts.
  • Build things that matter.
  • Give back and support not-so-fortunate people.

Sign up for early access now!

Do you want to teach?

Despreneur Academy is for open minded people who want to live amazing lifestyles and have a positive impact on the world with their work.

Are you interested in teaching design, business or technology? I am looking for people interested in empowering people learning skills they need to start a business, find a cool job or simply freelance and travel. Please get in touch.

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