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Apps to Watch: Mailtracker, GemShare, dscovr and Others

Apps to Watch is a weekly collection of the most beautiful and innovative mobile apps in the market. There are more apps coming to the market every single day but only a few will make the cut.

Here is a collection of 10 apps that are beautifully designed, solve a problem, entertain and have a very promising future. Get inspired by the leaders of tomorrow.

Send us your app suggestions for an upcoming edition of the Apps to Watch and we might feature them!

Mailtracker (Free)

MailTracker App

With Mailtracker, you will know when, where, how long and how many times your mails are read.

GemShare (Free)

Gemshare App

GemShare gets you personal recommendations for almost anything you need.

dscovr (Free)

Dscovr App

Discover things you love with dscovr, a photo-focused social network.

Songkick (Free)

Songkick App

Track your favourite artists with Songkick so you will never miss them live.

Over ($1.99)

Over App

Add text to your photos using beautiful artworks and fonts with Over.

Ultravisual (Free)

Ultravisual App

Ultravisual is an elegant visual publishing tool for you to showcase your photos and videos.

Melodigram (Free)

Melodigram App

Bring your photos to live with Melodigram by adding music or your voice to them.

FireChat (Free)

FireChat App

Chat with people around you with FireChat even when there isn’t wifi or mobile coverage.

Thermodo (Free)

Thermodo App

Turn your smartphone into a thermometer to measure surrounding temperature instantly. Additional sensor required.

KAMI ($1.99)

Kami App

Challenge yourself to KAMI, a beautiful Japanese paper puzzle game.

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