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Apps to Watch: Blinkist, PingPong, One List and Others

Apps to Watch is a weekly collection of the most beautiful and innovative mobile apps in the market. There are more apps coming to the market every single day but only a few will make the cut.

Here is a collection of 10 apps that are beautifully designed, solve a problem, entertain and have a very promising future. Get inspired by the leaders of tomorrow.

Send us your app suggestions for an upcoming edition of the Apps to Watch and we might feature them!

Blinkist (Free)

Blinkist puts the dream of learning every day back in the realm of the possible – even for people with the busiest schedules.

Kitchenbowl (Free)

Kitchenbowl is a social community for foodies to share and discover step-by-step photo recipes.

Workboard (Free)

Workboard and its companion iPhone app are free and designed for enterprise teams that need to coordinate work and achieve their goals.

Mobiles Wall (Free)

Mobiles Wall is an app dedicated to share top quality mobile wallpapers. The full list of categories touches upon: Abstract, Animals, Art, Cars, Food & Drink, Photos, Music, Nature, Places, Quotes, Sports and etc.

PingPong (Free)

PingPong is a tool that enables communication for people who have gathered for a lecture, class, discussion, etc.

One List (Free)

One List is an easy-to-use organizational tool that prioritizes your everyday life. It’s designed to help you maximize productivity while minimizing the clutter and confusion that plague most to-do lists.

Mapstr (Free)

Mapstr is an incredibly easy to use application that will let you never forget places again.

myBlee Math (Free)

Designed by teachers, myBlee Math offers over 1,000 step-by-step and in-depth lessons on K-6 math topics. It is aligned with the Common Core State Standards for elementary school mathematics and is already used by one million children at home and in schools around the world.

Workflow ($3.49)

Workflow is your personal automation tool, enabling you to drag and drop any combination of actions to create powerful workflows.

Checkmark 2 ($3.49)

Checkmark is back with an all-new design for iOS 8 and great new features, including lists, location groups, one-tap rescheduling, a today widget, and more.

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