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Apps to Watch: Tag, Uplike, Passible and Others

Apps to Watch is a weekly collection of the most beautiful and innovative mobile apps in the market. There are more apps coming to the market every single day but only a few will make the cut.

Here is a collection of 10 apps that are beautifully designed, solve a problem, entertain and have a very promising future. Get inspired by the leaders of tomorrow.

Send us your app suggestions for an upcoming edition of the Apps to Watch and we might feature them!

Tag (Free)

Tag is the easiest way to send your location privately to friends. ‘Tag’ a few friends to let them know what you’re up to. Attach videos, pictures, and messages to really capture the scene.

Piwik (Free)

Piwik is a downloadable, open source real time web analytics software program. It provides you with detailed reports on your website visitors.

We Heart It (Free)

We Heart It provides a canvas for people to connect and express themselves through images. Find the most beautiful images of all the things you love and start a collection of your favorite inspirations, with millions of creative people from around the world!

Uplike (Free)

Uplike is the best way to share and discover interests in a simple manner with your friends, family or the rest of the world.

Nutrino (Free)

Nutrino tells you what food you should eat to achieve your health goals based on your medical profile, goals and culinary preferences.

My Finances (Free)

My Finances helps you to track your income and expenses with ease. The app lets you categorise your transactions and provides weekly, monthly and yearly statistics.

Soundwave (Free)

Chat and share music with friends for free on Soundwave.

Passible (Free)

Passible – password management, made simple.

Tinder (Free)

Tinder is the fun way to connect with new and interesting people around you.

Cinamatic (Free)

Cinamatic is the best way to create beautiful short films. Record multiple short clips that transform into amazing short motion pictures.

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