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The Best Screen Recorder And Editor For Mac

Just before you feel screenshot is the only thing possible to capture screen activity we have a surprise. You can not only take stills of your gadget screen but also capture the moving like videos. If you are a Mac user the options is open for you too. The software we are talking about today is a screen recorder. It can record and capture anything that goes on your screen.

What is this software?

The Movavi screen capture software is a recorder. It not only records but also edits and saves the recorded. Using this you can save video from webcam, online streaming videos, live sessions, Skype calls, desktop snapshots etc. The filters present give it a unique look. You can edit and save it according to your convenience. It is very simple to use. The steps are easy and can be followed by anyone to get awesome results. It follows four parameters in working of every video or screenshot. The software is not only limited to be supported in Mac but also in Windows and others.

The simple stepping

As earlier mentioned it is a four step parameter, it starts with the usual set up. You can set it up by adjusting the framing of the video and checking the audio source like headphones, microphones, other sound recorders etc. You can also add capturing of keyboard and mouse actions in this. You can include a capture timer and get high definition screenshots as well. Once the set up is done you record the piece you want and that is your raw footage. That raw footage can be edited using filters and other features of the editing tools. You can also exclude the unwanted parts of your recording by dividing the video into smaller parts. Once you care done with the editing portion you move on to save your work. The progress you have made so far has to be saved so that you can view it later anytime you want. With this software, you can save your final piece into any media format like MP4, AVI and MOV etc.

What can I record and when?

You can record anything that is on the screen such as tutorials, YouTube videos, lessons etc. Irrespective of the genre of the content you are free to record it with this software. You can start recording from the time you download this software and set it up following the steps as instructed. The download is free of cost and is a click away. Visit Movavi to get information about its technicalities. You can also follow them on social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube etc.

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