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5 Apps Ideal For Increasing Productivity

As of September 2016 there were close to 2.4 million apps on the Google Play Store and around 2.2 million apps available via Apple’s App store. Apps were originally developed, on the whole, to make perform a task more efficiently or to solve a problem that hitherto had no solution. And almost five million apps…
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30 Day Coding Challenge to Learn PHP

Want to learn how to code? Me too. I keep putting off further personal development, which is why I came up with the idea of running a challenge with the Despreneur squad. This challenge will be a 30-day self-study coding challenge to learn PHP.
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How to Build a Landing Page that Converts like Crazy (in only 10 Minutes)

No matter where you’re at with your lifestyle business, crafting a high-converting landing page is the single most important step you can take to convert visitors to subscribers, and subscribers to paying customers.
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MockingBot – Wireframe Tool You Must Try

Pay attention designers and developers: One of your new favorite tools is just a few clicks away. MockingBot is an online platform and app which helps you to build interactive mobile app wireframes and prototypes in few minutes. Let’s take a look at the tools and how it can help you on a daily basis.…
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How to Create the Perfect Food Label Design (Infographic)

When you’re planning to launch a food/beverage product into retail stores, there’s a never-ending list of things you’ll need to think about.

Not only will you need to actually create a great-tasting product that people will actually want to buy (easier said than done, especially in competitive food categories), but you’ll also need to know how to get people to buy your product.
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E12: How To Boost Your Design Business Strategy With Jane Portman

Today’s guest Jane Portman, an independent UI/UX consultant from Russia who helps SaaS founders build focused, profitable products. She enjoys writing and speaking at events, but most of all she likes to solve real-life business problems with smart UI design.
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Simplicity in Web Design: 9 Great Examples


We like creative, unusual and inspiring designs, and will strive to deliver the best inspiration we can get our hands on. This week we collected 9 great examples of simplicity in web design that caught our eye. Get inspired and receive a portion of your weekly creativity boost.
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