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Bloge – Clean and Simple PSD Template

Blogging has never been so important and popular as it is now. I’ve wrote earlier about blogging becoming your new resume and opening new doors and creating opportunities for your career. As long as you provide valuable content your blog will be good, but to become great and be highly successful in your field you’ll need to think about design that makes your writings easy to scan and read. If you make your blog generally look stunning people naturally will share it for you.

You can download this template for just $3 and use it as you wish. This means that you can use it for learning reasons, tweaking it and adapting to fit your startup idea, or coding it up and using it as is. You can not resell or redistribute it.

Resources used (available for free):

Open Sans font

London street stock photo

Bloge Template Preview

Bloge Template Details

Template Close Preview

Template Open Menu Preview

Bloge PSD Template Preview

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Download PSD for just $3

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