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Blogging is the New Resume

Most of young people can’t find a job. Most of the time it is an underpaid position or very boring for the millennials who grew up with the technology and massive amount of information available at any second. High standards and expectations make it very hard for Y generation to get a job they want. But there is a solution for this problem.

Blogging is the new resume. Growing in the 21st century I’ve experienced a huge technology advancement and human generation dependence on it. Internet is giving unlimited opportunities to live a lifestyle that you could only dream about 15-20 years ago.

In this article I’d like to share my experience and tips on how to make blogging your new and very powerful resume that will allow you to get a job of your dreams or live any lifestyle you want.

Blogging got me an internship in London

I’ve started blogging myself in 2008 and never stopped since then. Working on my own blogs allowed me to experiment with content, design and learn practical skills that I could charge money for. When I was still studying in Denmark I had to find an internship and one of the crucial factors why I got internship in London in less than 10 minutes was because I had established my self-brand online through blogging.

I’ve got my internship which led to full-time position in London in just 10 minutes (that’s true) not because I had a nice portfolio or my name was easily pronounceable. I’ve got it because I worked my ass off on my personal projects, blogged about it and was active on social networks. All that showed that I can do more than an ordinary student, I can push myself and dig deeper into things I focus and specialise in.

Why blogging is good for you

Personal branding

I must say blogging is the best way to personal branding. If you write good stuff people start following and connecting with you. The great thing about blogging is that once it’s published it is accessible to the entire world giving the possibility for your writings to be found anywhere in the world with your name attached to it.

Express yourself

Some people just need space to express themselves, it’s not about how many people will read your work but how much better you’ll feel by clearing up your mind.

Reach more people

You definitely do something in life. Some people may not like it but some are passionate about it as you are. Blogging allows you to skip the nay-sayers and connect with the ones that care what you do and what you have to say.


Having a blog and generally having an ability to write is an exceptional skill that takes a lot of time to master but does wonders used at any stage. Blogging will help you to communicate with people better and it will make you feel more confident in any situation.

Become an authority

Blogging makes you look expert in your field even if you are not. If you have the courage to write and patience to consistently update your blog it says a lot about you and your determination. By writing and publishing your work you are perceived as an expert in the field you are writing about. This allows you to connect with industry leaders, raise your rates or sell your products easier.

Gets you a job or replaces one

As the title of the article says, blogging becomes your best resume and opens many doors that were closed when you were just another potential employee. Blogging is a powerful way to grow a business or monetize and make passive income out of it.

Disadvantages of blogging

Requires a lot of time

Blogging is extremely time consuming. If you want to be a successful blogger you need to keep writing and publishing consistently and most important genuinely providing value. Depending on the niche you will spend a lot of time on coming up with new content ideas, qualitative and quantitative research, content writing, proofreading and promotion.

Easy to start but really hard to get good at

Blogging becomes more and more accessible with free platforms and tools like Medium, Ghost or WordPress. You can literally start a blog in 5 minutes and start writing your first blog post in no time. The biggest challenge in blogging is to keep writing and publishing consistently when it seems like no one is reading and things are not moving forward.

How to get started in blogging?

As I mentioned in the previous paragraph it’s incredibly easy to get started. I’d highly recommend you to start writing on the things you really love and care about.

Decide on the topic and get a domain name

Mediocre is not enough, focus on one thing and become the best at it. Once you have decided topic you want to be the best at go and register a domain name. I usually use GoDaddy, GO.CO or 1&1.

Get a hosting and choose a blogging platform

I’d highly recommend using self hosted WordPress as it gives you all the control and ability to customize the look and feel of your blog, content and everything you can imagine. WordPress will not cost a thing and you can get amazing free themes to get started with.

If you want to code your own resume you could think about web site hosting offered by other companies. This could be a pretty good option as it offers more ways to help promote you online and cost as little as $70/year.

What to write about?

Coming up with new post ideas can be challenging for new bloggers. Here are couple practical advices that you can apply when creating new content for your blog. Hopefully these little tips will help you to come up with new ideas for your writing adventures.


When I read my mind explodes with new ideas, usually they are somehow connected to what I am reading but most often they are totally out of this world.

Change environment

Go to library, coffee shop, park. I find myself thinking most creatively when I walk or travel.

Always have something to take your notes on

In the previous point I mentioned that I get best ideas when walking or traveling. I never carry out a notebook but Notes app on my iPhone always comes handy.

Learn something new and document it

The more you know the less it looks interesting but there always are people interested in what you do.

Mix and reproduce

You’ve just read something interesting but do not really agree with everything? Write a followup, make some research, prove your point and publish a reproduction.

Great examples

Where is proof that blogging helps people to get the job they want or make a living? There are many great examples and the ones that inspire me the most are Paul JarvisSacha GreifNathan BarryJoel Gascoigne and Jon Yongfook. If you have never heard of these guys, make yourself a favour and check them out. Their lifestyles and content they share will change your life.


Can’t get a job with your ordinary resume? Start writing about the things you are really passionate about, with consistent work and dedication you will establish a recognisable personal brand and land some cool job opportunities or eventually will build a job yourself.

To find an in-depth guide to blogging check my previous article The Ultimate Guide to Blogging where I share everything I learnt about blogging in the last 5 years.

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