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30 Day Coding Challenge

Alway's wanted to build a dynamic website? Now's your chance to learn PHP with the help of the Despreneur Squad in only 30 days!


Want to learn how to code? Me too. I keep putting off further personal development, which is why I came up with the idea of running a challenge with the Despreneur squad. This challenge will be a 30-day self-study coding challenge to learn PHP.

I’m lazy and have signed up for this in the past and gotten nowhere, I need some additional pressure to get me through this – which is where you come in. In this way, we can keep each other on track. The challenge starts on 1st November and will run to the 30th November. It costs $100 to join the group + $25 for a Treehouse subscription per month. You can sign up at the bottom of this post.

I’ve gotten to the point where I have tonnes of ideas that I want to create and build, but currently I don’t have the skills to do this… but not for much longer. This is why I have enrolled in Treehouse and will be completing the PHP track. I invite you to join me and learn PHP in the month of November.

I have had my Treehouse subscription for years now and haven’t made much progress. This is why we need to do this together. I bet you’ll agree with me. You have bought and enrolled in multiple online courses but you fail to complete most of them. I bet you, if you actually went to college, this wouldn’t be happening.

So why is this?

Social pressure = Your friends, family and teachers expect you to complete this course. They keep track of your progress and follow up with you when you’re slacking.

Financial pressure = You paid money for this so you have to complete it.

Clear goals = You have set times to go to college each day, which keeps you on track. With there being multiple tests you have to prepare yourself to achieve results. If you fall behind, you have a big cramming session before the test to get back on track.

This is why I’m going to emulate these three factors within the 30-day coding challenge.

Join me and take this 30-day PHP coding challenge from 1st November – 30th November.

Social Pressure

We’re going to have a shared spreadsheet with everyone’s name on it. On the spreadsheet, we will mark which lessons we have actually completed. This will add to the social pressure as you will clearly see that you are falling behind.

✘ = Haven’t done the lesson :-(

✔ = Done with the lesson :-)

At a single glance you can tell where you are in comparison with the rest of class…..this is will create great social pressure for you (and me) to keep up!


By the end of the challenge, we’ll try to make the whole spreadsheet fill with ✔✔✔✔✔✔ !

…..but if you fall significantly behind it’ll be easy to see who isn’t keeping up with the class.  This creates social pressure for you to keep up with everyone.

We are also going to have a separate slack chat for us to discuss what we’ve been doing and learning, so we can all help each other to stay on track.


This way the entire class can communicate together.

Financial Pressure

You have paid for the course AND you have paid me to be part of this challenge. It’s up to you if you complete the challenge or not, but if you don’t – you’ll lose the money. Who wants to be wasting money these days? Not me.

Think about it:

On day 12 of the challenge if you’re really behind, you know you can’t just drop out and get your money back, so you’ll push yourself to finish with me and rest of the class.

So in addition to this being a class and putting social pressure on you, now we’ve got:

Social Pressure + Financial Pressure

Clear Goals to Keep You on Track

The best way to get something done is to have super clear goals on what needs to get accomplished and exactly when it needs to be accomplished. This is a 30-day challenge that requires you to watch some videos and practice a little each day. Most lessons are between 15 minutes and 1 hour long.  You can also do a few of them in one day to catch up or get ahead.

You can see the full curriculum here. It seems very doable if you were to dedicate 1 hour/day:


So now we’ve got a pretty good cocktail of motivation going on:

Social Pressure + Financial Pressure + Clear Goals

What platform will we be using?

We will be learning the programming language PHP through a platform called treehouse.

I didn’t pick Treehouse because they approached me or any weird thing like that, I picked it because I have used this platform before and personally know how good it is.

I also wanted a platform who assumes the student is a 100% complete newbie beginner and knows NOTHING about programming.

I chose PHP because it’s a super popular programming language that lets you build WordPress websites.  This is more than just “web design.”  In fact, by the end of this 30-day course, you’ll be able to use your skills you’ve learned to build your own WordPress theme which you could then sell.

You’ll have people able to login to your website, post stuff, and edit stuff.  Just from 30 days of coding!!

I know there’re a million other programming languages we could learn together, but losers sit around and debate which language to learn for months…..while winners pick one, jump in, and learn it in one month.  

Once you learn to code, you can easily pick up another coding language.  So we’re moving ahead with PHP.

This isn’t a good time for me

When is there ever a good time to do something? The answer… Never! You just have to accept this if you ever want to progress. Think back to college when you had to pull an all-nighter to just get your assignment in on time. If you join the challenge you will have support and encouragement from the group and the added pressure you need to get it done. What more could you hope for?

What you get if you join the 30-Day Coding Challenge:

You’ll join me and other Despreneur students in completing the Treehouse PHP Development track in one month.

Starting: 1st November 2016 (Tuesday 8am)

Ending: 30th November 2016 (Wednesday 11.59pm)

You will be added to the shared Google Spreadsheet containing everyone’s completed modules, so we can all monitor each other’s progress. You will also be added to the group slack chat and this way we can chat to each other and even help each other out a little.

You’ll have to pay me $100 to join the challenge. Plus you’ll also have to join Treehouse at $25/month. This will add $125 worth of financial pressure to you, to make sure you’re actually getting it done.

Join the 30 Day Coding Challenge

Ok, I’m in. I want to learn PHP with everyone!

By paying $100 of my hard-earned money to Elliott, I am agreeing that I commit to learning to program PHP in a month.

Learning stuff on your own is hard, so having financial pressure helps push me, and having social pressure pushes me too. So if I wuss out and don’t stay up-to-date with the group, I simply lose my money and I deserve it because I’m a lazy ass.

Yes, I understand all of this, and I still wanna join Elliott in learning PHP in the month of November 2016:

Step 1. Join the Coding Challenge group with me for $100. [Challenge Now Closed]

Step 2. Sign Up for a Treehouse subscription here (It’s $25/per month but you’ll get a free 14-day trial).

Step 3. Start learning to code and see ya inside the group!