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Don’t Do These 5 Mistakes When Designing Your Web Form

Given 15 minutes to consume content, two-thirds of people would rather read something beautifully designed than something plain, reveals research by Adobe.

This also applies to web forms. That’s why in order to optimize the design and usability of your web forms you should avoid common mistakes like these ones.

Not adapting forms to your audience

When creating a web form, think about your audience and what kind of approach works best. It can be a fun and friendly approach or a more professional one. You may need to make it really simple or get more creative by adding images and playing with fonts and colors.

Field validation

Not making sure that form validations are clearly set up may result in getting data that doesn’t meet your required format. Use field validation to ensure that data is correctly entered in the specific field. With 123ContactForm, you can easily get it done. The Form Builder allows you to choose from predefined validation types or create custom validation codes.

Too many form fields

It’s a known fact that too many form fields can severely decrease conversion rates. This has been stressed so much lately, yet it’s a common mistake that a lot of people make when creating web forms. How many fields should you add to your form? There’s no precise number. Of course, it also depends on the form’s use. A poll might not have the same length as a quiz.

Compact form fields

Compact form fields don’t have a label next to the field, instead, the field name is displayed inside the input box or text area.

The text disappears when the form user clicks on it. So if your form is longer, users might forget what fields they have to fill in. That can be discouraging and can create form abandonment.

Long error messages

Adding helpful labels and instructions to the form fields will help users make fewer mistakes. But that can happen anyway. If it does, the error messages should be short and clear. Avoid using long error messages or words that have a negative tone.

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