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Don’t Let Ideas Die Because of Your Ego

I was always quite egocentric, and probably still am. However, this article is about how I gave up my personal ego to achieve something bigger than myself. As you may already know I am writing a book about mobile design together with Paula Borowska.

In this article I’d like to share some of the lessons I’ve learned so far that may inspire you to stop thinking and start building something.

Collaboration instead of competition

Life for me isn’t about winning and making shitloads of money, even though it would be fun and would add a lot of coolness to my personal brand. Growing as a person and entrepreneur, facing the struggles and overcoming them feels much better when I realize that the journey is much more important than the destination.

I consider myself very competitive but I decided to try collaboration instead of competition. Loser’s mindset? Maybe.

Try to collaborate with people instead of trying to compete with them, you can’t win against everyone. You will use much more energy on trying to achieve everything by yourself and suddenly you will figure out that it’s impossible to achieve big success alone. This is how I’ve got in touch with Paula and we both agreed to collaborate on a book together as it is much more fun and more encouraging than doing all the stuff alone.

There are people who would love to help you out on your way to success, you simply need to ask them. One of the biggest inspiration in self-publishing for me is Paul Jarvis. Despite his straightforward approach and perfectly chosen swear words he has a lot to say to encourage you to build your own way to success ignoring all the written and unwritten rules.

I’m not a superman anymore

Well, I actually never been one, but I felt like superman and believed that I can do anything alone. I still believe I can but it’s not worth sacrificing other things like social life, health and many more. I’ve got to conclusion that I’d rather become an expert in a field that might not be that prestigious or look shiny on my cv, linkedin or facebook profiles but I’ll do things that really matter to me and challenge me to grow as a person.

First you need to care

I was listening to one of The Fizzle Show episode and Chase Reeves has been talking about a life changing mindset. It sounded something like this “You need to decide who, how and why you gonna serve for the rest of your life and start getting good at it.”. It’s that simple, you want to help people create personal websites? Start honing your design skills and helping real people, this is how you contribute to humanity, oh and you have to truly care about it.

Creating great stuff is damn hard

So I gave up my ego and decided to team up with Paula to give a try on writing my first ebook on mobile design. I don’t care that there are going to be two authors so I won’t be able to brag that I wrote it myself . There is no point to do so, nobody cares, what people care about is their ass and if this book will be good enough they will appreciate the work I’ve put in.

This is where responsibility strikes in with a punch of fear telling me that my work might not be valuable enough.

Getting started on ebook is simple, you quickly pick a topic, write down some problems you want to solve and start writing. After a while excitement fades away and you’re left with your own resistance in front of empty Google Docs document. The inner voice starts screaming that you’re shit and nobody will read your stupid writings, then it gets even louder asking who gave you the permission to write a book? Do you have needed expertise to do so? You’re simply wasting your time and will fail really hard, basically destroying your all future career possibilities with one stupid ebook.

If you push yourself and get support like I got from Paula you will start to fight the resistance and start writing anything that is on your mind. The first drafts will not have any logical flow, valid facts or even value, but it’s just a creative process. You simply put everything you have and you start improving it by researching the industry, checking out what community is struggling with and trying to identify ways to make other people lives easier.


Don’t let ideas die because of your ego. Team up and create something together.

That’s it. Inspiring or not I will publish this article not because I can but because I believe it will inspire you to find someone to build something you care about that would help other people too. Give up your ego and build better world (or at least yourself).

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