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E02: How To Drop Out Of College And Build A Business With Mike Moloney

Today’s guest is a Boston-based, 19-year-old Mike Moloney who just dropped out of college to focus on FilterGrade, a company providing high-quality Photoshop actions and photography effects for creative people with plans to disrupt the photography industry.

I’m still trying to process what I was doing at 19 but I definitely wasn’t that focused and determined as he is to build his business and invest in himself.

Note: due to a weak connection the recording might not be as smooth as you would like but I highly recommend you to ignore the noise and listen to what Mike has to say. You’ll find a lot of value in this episode.

How To Drop Out Of College And Build A Business With Mike Moloney

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In this episode, you will learn

You will learn how Mike validated his business idea using marketplaces and how he decided to drop out of college to focus full-time on FilterGrade.

  • How Mike came up with an idea to build FilterGrade.
  • How Mike validated his business idea.
  • How Mike processes his photos.
  • Why photos play a major role in today’s business.
  • How does it feel to drop out of college and become a rebel.
  • How to find support in what you do.
  • What Mike day looks like.
  • Why is he interested in the cannabis industry.

Episode notes

Creative Market and GrapicRiver are marketplaces for digital design assets.

FilterGrade provides high-quality Photoshop actions, Lightroom presets and other photo editing resources for photographers, designers and bloggers.

“You really should invest in yourself.” – Mike Moloney

Advice to a Young Man Hoping to Go Somewhere (Or Get Something From Someone Successful) by Ryan Holiday.

Sharbat Gula (Afghan Girl) by Steve McCurry.

Follow Mike Moloney

If you enjoyed this episode make sure to check Mike’s work and social profiles.

Mike Moloney shares loads of great Photoshop actions and photography related resources and tutorials on FilterGrade.

You can follow Mike on Twitter and Instagram.

Did you enjoy the podcast?

Mike is an extremely inspiring young entrepreneur with an open mindset and quite a lot of experience in validating, bootstrapping and growing a business.

I really enjoyed talking with him and if you learned something from this episode, please share it with your friends who are struggling with their career or need some inspiration boost to build a business.

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Featured photo credit: Michael Mahoney.

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