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E05: How To Master Pricing And Raise Your Rates With Ran Segall

Today’s guest is Ran Segall. He’s a designer, a creator and a vlogger. He is the co-founder of the nuSchool and was previously the product designer of Any.DO.

In this episode, you will learn how to master pricing, charge for value and develop confidence in business. Ran also shares his story of becoming a designer and starting a vlog.

How To Master Pricing And Raise Your Rates With Ran Segall

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In this episode, you will learn

You will learn how Ran learned to charge more by surrounding himself with the right people.

  • Why pricing is such a difficult subject.
  • Exact steps one needs to take to start charging more.
  • How side projects are creating positive side effects.
  • The biggest mistake designers do when pricing their services.
  • The story of Flux show.
  • The future of design education.

Episode notes

The nuSchool is an online school that teaches you how to run your design freelance business like a pro.

The Designer’s Pricing Class will teach you how to master pricing, raise your rates and do it with a smile.

Value for Money is a new honest, no-bullshit guide to pricing, negotiation & keeping your clients happy.

“Designers want to focus on their craft.” – Ran Segall

Design Is a Job by Mike Monteiro.

#AskGaryVee by Gary Vaynerchuk.

Casey Neistat is a creator of popular YouTube videos, producer, director and co-founder of social media company, Beme.

Follow Ran Segall

If you enjoyed this episode make sure to check Ran’s work and social profiles.

Check his show on YouTube called Flux. Ran shares his journey, struggles and lessons building a career as a designer and a business owner.

You can follow Ran on TwitterInstagram and YouTube.

Did you enjoy the podcast?

Ran is a funny and smart design entrepreneur with a positive attitude to his work and life. He has a lot of experience in making things happen and you can definitely learn a thing or two from him.

I really enjoyed talking with him and if you learned something from this episode, please share it with your friends who are struggling with pricing their services and charging more for the job they love doing.

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Featured image credit: UX Salon.

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