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E12: How To Boost Your Design Business Strategy With Jane Portman

Today’s guest is Jane Portman, an independent UI/UX consultant from Russia who helps SaaS founders build focused, profitable products. She enjoys writing and speaking at events, but most of all she likes to solve real-life business problems with smart UI design.

Check out her latest book, The UI Audit, or get Jane’s free course on managing designers.

In this episode, you will learn more about consulting, product development, copywriting and marketing.

Jane Portman

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In this episode, you will learn

You will learn how to use your design and business skills to launch your own products, build an audience, and treat your own services as a product.
  • What design consulting is.
  • Jane’s experience.
  • How to successfully position yourself.
  • Why it is important for designers to level up themselves.
  • How to find offerings that are appealing to you.
  • Tips how to choose your target audience.
  • Tools and technics that every designer should master.
  • Why writing books is a good strategy for designers.
  • How to overcome a fear of doing something wrong.
  • Skills that you have to acquire before becoming a consultant.
  • The story behind Jane’s latest book.
  • How long it takes to write a book.
  • Main key takeaways from Jane’s latest book.
  • Tips Jane wants to share with you.

Episode notes

UI breakfast Jane’s official consulting page. Check out her podcast, book, free course.

Jane’s latest book The UI Audit.

Previous books: Fundamental UI design, Mastering App Presentation.

Copyhackers copywriting blog by Joanna Wiebe.

A step-by-step guide to self-publishing by Nathan Barry Authority.

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You can follow Jane on Twitter or UI Breakfast.

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Jane is always eager to share her personal experience, insights, and the best design business lessons.  Hence, she gave countless resources for you to increase your knowledge about consulting, product development, design, copywriting and more. Use a special code Despreneur20 for $20 discount for her latest book The UI Audit.

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