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How to Build a Landing Page that Converts like Crazy (in only 10 Minutes)

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They’re everywhere.

Maybe you’ve seen this one:


Or this one:


And you’ve definitely bumped into this one:


I’m talking about landing pages.

They’re literally everywhere…. and for good reason.

No matter where you’re at with your lifestyle business, crafting a high-converting landing page is the single most important step you can take to convert visitors to subscribers, and subscribers to paying customers.

So whether your goal is to get more signups for your e-mail newsletter, get people to request a free trial, or have them sign up for a consultation….if your Landing Page isn’t converting at at least 5% (or if you don’t have one at all), this guide is for you.


6 Steps to the Perfect Landing Page

By actioning this super-simple 6 step-process, you’ll be well on your way to a seriously stellar landing page that converts visitors into high-quality, targeted leads (in only 10 minutes).

Here’s a Quick Run-Down of everything we’ll cover to get you up and running with your crazy-good landing page, TODAY:

  1. The Call to Action
  2. The Landing Page Design
  3. The Subheadline
  4. The Headline
  5. The Offer
  6. Tools


1.) Tools

Landing Pages don’t just materialize out of thin air (that’d be nice though, wouldn’t it?). Luckily, you can build one out for free with just 3 of my favorite tools:

  • SumoMeIf you haven’t heard of it yet, SumoMe is a suite of 100% free tools that work on any website (yes, really). To make it extra easy on yourself, I highly recommend that you use their free feature called “Welcome Mat” as your template for a landing page.
  • Dropbox While it’s not completely necessary, usually you’ll be giving something away for free in exchange for a visitor opting into your landing page (like a free eBook, a PDF checklist, or something like that.) You can use Dropbox to host that download for free.
  • Email Service Provider- You’ll most likely be collecting email addresses with your landing page, and you’ll need some way to manage all of them. I use and highly recommend ConvertKit as an email service provider, but there are plenty of services out there to explore, so you can choose the one that’s right for you.

Now that you’ve got your tools, let’s talk about the SINGLE most important aspect of a good landing page: the offer.


2.) The Offer

This is the “thing” your subscriber gets for opting into your list.

You NEED to make sure it’s good — really good — or your Landing Page will have zero chance of success. Even if you do absolutely everything else right, if you’re giving away something your audience doesn’t want or doesn’t care about… you’re going to have a tough time getting them to sign up.

If you’re not sure where to start, use this question to practically guarantee you’ll knock it out of the park:

What’s the #1 problem or need your target audience is facing?

Build an offer around that problem, and you’re golden.

If you’re a web designer –– your audience wants a beautiful website.

If you’re a lifestyle blogger — your audience might want a guide on how to build their own lifestyle business.

If you’re a Copywriter — your audience wants to make more money.

Create an offer that addresses the needs of your audience, and they’ll be throwing their email addresses at you like nobody’s business.

Next, it’s time to tackle the headline.


3.) The Headline


Headlines are important. Really important. And they’re not as easy to come up with as you might think. Lucky for you, I’ve written an in-depth guide on 5 seriously “Magnetic” Headlines that you can download for free. Click here to get the entire guide for free.

You can read that guide all the way through later, but to get your juices flowing on what makes an outstanding headline, take it back to numbers 2-4 of the previous exercise:

  1. What problem does my offer solve for my audience?
  2. What’s the overall benefit my audience can expect?
  3. What tangible results will my offer produce for my audience?

Your headline should be attention-grabbing, and relevant to both your reader, and the offer you’re going to give in exchange for them opting in. Take a look at these examples of good headlines:

“The Foolproof Guide to Launching a Business in 6 Months”

“How I Almost Doubled My Income in 2 Months”

“The 3 Simple Strategies to Boost Your Productivity by 50%”

“These 5 Supplements Will Change Your Life”

Notice how they’re hyper specific about what the offer is, the benefit to the reader, and the tangible outcome (an added bonus if you can include numbers! People love numbers).


4.) The Sub-Headline


Almost as important as the headline (and in some cases, more important) these bad boys seal the deal. Headlines should be short and to the point, but a subheadline is where you really want to make your offer sound irresistible to the reader.

Use these tips to craft a perfect subheadline:

  • Highlight the benefits of opting in.
  • Describe exactly what they’re getting and when they’re getting it
  • Elaborate on the details you couldn’t fit in your main headline
  • Include a clear Call-to-Action

For example:

“Click below to get My 5 Step-by-Step Video Lessons on How to Build a Profitable Blog”

“Join our Free 5-Day Email Course to get all the secrets, tools, and recipes we use every single day.”

“We’ll send your Free Smoothie Recipe eBook straight to your inbox!”

Including a clear call to action will drive WAY more conversions than you think, so don’t feel like you need to be “polite”. Tell your reader exactly what to do (see what I just did there?).


5.) Design, Color Scheme, and Layout

Next up, decide on a theme for your landing page.

As a Design Entrepreneur, this is where you can truly let your creativity shine.

When you use SumoMe’s Welcome Mat, you’ll be able to pick from dozens of gorgeous templates that are out-of-the-box ready to go, and you can pick your color scheme and layout to be however you’d like.

It can match your branding, include an image, or stay simple and clean. You know your audience best, so it makes sense to do what will resonate with them most.

Have fun designing the layout and color scheme of your landing page, but there’s 1 rule you absolutely CANNOT break: Make that button POP.

When someone looks at your landing page, the absolute first thing that their eye should be drawn to is your button.

And that takes us to….


6.) The Call to Action. Or In This Case…


The button.

It’s kind of a big deal.

I don’t know about you, but when this landing page popped in front of me on Despreneur’s homepage, my eye was IMMEDIATELY drawn to that big blue button.

It’s pretty hard to miss, and for good reason.

A simple color change or one-word addition can make on the conversion rate of your soon-to-be killer landing page. Turns out that over 60%+ of our decisions are made based on color alone.

Yep, you read that right.

So, as I stressed before: Make that button POP.

Now, the button COPY (the words on the button) are super important as well. Literally, they’re make or break.

Which would you rather click: “Subscribe” or “Get Healthier Skin Today”?

If I’m poking around on a skin care blog, the choice is a pretty obvious one.

Here are some quick tips to get you started writing button copy that converts:

  • If they apply, use the words: “get”, “free”, and “instant”. As humans, we’re psychologically inclined to choose scenarios where pleasurable things happen with minimal effort on our part. These 3 words cash in on our animal instincts.
  • Use the perspective of the viewer. For example, the button should read “Get MY free report” instead of “Get YOUR free report”. When I click, I want to get MY free report, not somebody else’s.
  • Include your personal style and branding. Button copy does NOT have to be boring to get the message across. If you have a word or phrase that you personally like to sprinkle throughout your site or branding, or there’s a word that resonates well with your audience, throw it in and have fun.

And remember, when all else fails, A/B test. The only way to truly know what works for your audience is to A/B test and continually optimize.


It’s Official

You’re a landing page pro.

Action these 6 easy steps, and you’re well on your way to building a seriouslykiller landing page that’ll get your visitors converting like nobody’s business(and asking you to design one for them, too!).

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