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How to Create the Perfect Food Label Design (Infographic)

When you’re planning to launch a food/beverage product into retail stores, there’s a never-ending list of things you’ll need to think about.

Not only will you need to actually create a great-tasting product that people will actually want to buy (easier said than done, especially in competitive food categories), but you’ll also need to know how to get people to buy your product.

Of course, good old-fashioned marketing is a big part of this, but with the vast majority of purchasing decisions being made at the point-of-sale, your product label is equally as (if not more) important than anything else.

The problem is, designing a food label that actually gets the desired results is easier said than done; it’s certainly not as simple as just hiring the best designer, as it isn’t simply about creating something “pretty”, either.

It’s important that your label reflects your brand, stands out from the competition, and adheres to legal requirements. It also needs to be printed on the most appropriate material for the actual product (it’s worth consulting your chosen label printing company if you’re unsure about suitability).

Luckily, this company specialising in label printing (FastLabels) has created a neat infographic that walks you through the process of creating the perfect label, no matter what kind of food product you’re launching. See below:


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