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Inspiring Sites of the Week No. 78

Inspiring Sites of the Week is the weekly series where we feature the latest and hottest websites targeting the design world from around the globe. If it’s creative, unusual, has great functionality and is built using cutting-edge technology we feature them here. Get inspired by the best designs in the industry in the seventy-eighth edition of the series.

Send in your suggestions to us and we might include you in the next series.


Island Why it made to the list: Nice grey website theme, on scroll animated content and overall simplicity.


Bons Why it made to the list: Dark website theme, nice iconography and overall interactivity.

Melanie DaVeid

Melanie Daveid Why it made to the list: Nice illustrations, vertical divided layout, awesome product presentation and smooth interactions.

Thierry Ambraisse

Thierry Ambraisse Why it made to the list: Awesome image slider, nice looking imagery and website simplicity.


Kroyyork Why it made to the list: Overall interactivity, nice product presentation.


Guidebase Why it made to the list: Nice and smooth parallax effects usage, big and bold typography and overall simplicity.

Big Cartel 2014

Big Cartel 2014 Why it made to the list: Vertically divided layout, beautiful typography and nice looking illustrations.


Wake Why it made to the list: Nice flat design style combined with good looking imagery, overall website simplicity.

Creative Edge Parties

Creative Edge Parties Why it made to the list: Awesome background animations, overall website interactions and simplicity.

Pro Creation

Pro Creation Why it made to the list: A lot of typography, interesting color palette and nice illustrations.

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