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Killer Tips in Acquiring Freelance Clients

In freelancing, getting clients is one of the most pertinent things to be tended. Clients tend to pull projects together thus can create one or more opportunities to earn. Of course as freelancers, we go by the maxim that:

“More clients = more money.”

And that goes true. The more clients you attract, the more projects it will bring you and consequently, it all leads to you getting more income.

But there is one big problem here: good clients are hard to come by.

True enough, with the tough competition in the freelancer market, penetrating through client scouting charts against competitors who have great experience and skills, odds are, you won’t get much projects a month.

But that will all be averted, thanks to these killer tips I’m going to give you.

Market Yourself

As a freelancer, you have to understand that you need marketing. Because advertising isn’t really an option in the freelance business, word of mouth and website popularity and authority surely is a main edge.

Here are a few things you can do to start marketing yourself:

Create freebies. You know something that people will always love? Free stuff! If you want to gain popularity, why don’t you start creating freebies? From UI kits to fonts to even web templates.

Start a blog. One more great way to market yourself is to start blogging. Blogging can be a very good form in making your name come up in search engines. Submit blogs for popular websites and you’ll never know, clients might find you.

Buy or design business cards. Be creative and design your business cards. Let your clients know how you attend to small details by creating beautiful pieces to even small platforms such as these. They are a great addition to your portfolio.

Build Your Web Portfolio

With the world now becoming digital, jobs can be found online. Days when you have to scour through classified ads just to find some projects are now long gone.

And as the world adapts to this new trend, you also need to. With that, a web portfolio is useful. In a world where everything is digital, the man who can control technology will be able to control everything. Hence, you need to get hold of your clients in the most digital way possible.

Build your portfolio because:

It will help you be identified from the rest. Of course, as a freelancer, you will surely have competitors. And that will make your life really difficult. The best that you can do is to separate yourself from the average joes and stand out. A portfolio will help you do that.

For the client to see you work anywhere, anytime. And because web portfolios are digital and can be accessed through the Internet, your client can see your work wherever or whenever he wants. It adds an edge to you and saves you from incessant calls.

For you to save great heaps of time. Again, rather than printing and compiling each project and give it to clients, it is so much wise if you will just put it in one accessible place so that anyone can view your work anytime and anywhere.

It shows how much experienced you are. Because web portfolios showcase your work, clients will see how much experienced and talented you are. Using these, you will gain great leverage among others who do not have enough experience as you have.

It shows how professional you were with other clients. One of the many great things about a portfolio is that it shows your professional character. All legit freelancers have web portfolios and if you want to be one, you should develop a portfolio now.


Freelancing sure can be a lonely profession and it sure will be once you don’t reach out to others. And because of that, I recommend you to connect to other freelancers as well. Establishing a long and lasting bond between you and other freelancers is great for attracting clients. Now that you mingled and established acquaintance with others, you will be recipient to many project referrals, collaborations and more.

Be friendly and open to people. In order to make friends in the freelance industry, you have to open yourself to people and be kinder. No one wants to be friends with a Grinch. So become the jolly old elf who is liked by everyone.

Stop being a buzzkill. Don’t go so intellectual and bash other people who have fun. The main purpose of socializing is to understand people. Now if you will just be a buzzkill, most will hate you.

Respect others. As a freelancer, you have to realize that not everyone likes what you say. You also have to understand that not you can’t possibly like everything everyone has to say. No. That’s where respect comes in. You may not agree to what people say, but you should at least, man up to respect it.

Start a LinkedIn account. LinkedIn is a great network for people looking for professional acquaintance or collaboration. Heck, you might even find clients right in here!


Finding clients sure is challenging. But once you get used to these tips, slowly, you will feel the increase of projects going on. Just remember, that once you agree on a deal, do your task. Don’t procrastinate. If you want to earn more money, you have to work for it harder. Best of luck!

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