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Notebook – Free Landing Page PSD Template

I see a lot of startups failing just because of a simple reason. The design is not user friendly and honestly usually ugly. I understand the reasons behind it though, if your website is not a part of MVP (Minimum Viable Product) probably you don’t want to waste time on polishing it. However there are many templates online available for a few bucks  or even for free that can make wonders for your business.

Today I am presenting you a simple and clean product landing page which includes a “selling” image-rich header with logo, key messaging and call to action button. Some other parts of the website are description of the product, slideshow, pricing table and contact form. With this one-pager you can successfully present any product and convert your visitors into customers.

You can download this template for free and use it as you wish. This means that you can use it for learning reasons, tweaking it and adapting to fit your startup idea, or coding it up and using it as is.

Notebook - Free PSD Template

Extreme attention to details

Extreme attention to details.

Notebook Preview

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