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8 Shopify Apps to Boost Your Ecommerce Store in 2019

One of the most popular trends in the virtual world right now is the emergence of online businesses. Ecommerce is snowballing that even Google has been picked as one of its competitions. There’s a reason for this rapid rise of e-stores, and that is the fact that in contrast with physical stores, online stores are more profitable and less costly to set up.

For online store owners today to be much more successful in revenue generation, some level of investments have to be made in the right tools and here are eight Shopify apps that online business owners can adapt to expand their online business.


Image credit: SkuHarmony

SkuHarmony is a superb Shopify app that lets you to sync Shopify with Square. With this application, synchronizing your inventory counts between Shopify, as well as, Square is now easier. This implies that whenever SKU units get sold for any product in one platform, it will be deducted automatically from the other platform. With the release of this application, inventory counts and now seamless and the syncing can now be done automatically. This helps to eliminate inconsistencies which exist between both platforms since it comes with an interface that is profoundly user-friendly. Therefore, events that occur on any of the platforms will be reflected within a few moments in the other platform.


Image credit: Weglot

It is now very easy for Shopify store owners to have a website that is multilingual. Weglot has an interface which is very simple to use and with this, it is easier to manage translations. When you use the Shopify translation app, the capability to get your Shopify store translated in a wide variety of languages within minutes is possible. You can get to carry out tasks such as the addition of new languages, translating the contents on your store comma and more and all of these don’t need you to have any knowledge of coding at all. While being optimized for SEO, Weglot can integrate perfectly with Shopify in every category and interacting with your customers in their native languages is now possible which translates into an improvement in lead conversions.


Image credit: Opinew

The amazing Opinew – Shopify Products Reviews App and Importer is your one-stop tool for enhancing the productivity and profit-driven nature of online stores. Then again, with the obvious importance of reviews in the day to day running of online businesses, sellers must begin to take reviews online more seriously as they play a vital role in influencing customer decisions with respect to buying or abandoning certain products from your store. Opinew now makes this easier and enhances your SEO to ensure that you get ranked with your star rating.

SMS Notifications

Image credit: Onjection Labs

Carrying out abandoned cart recovery via SMS is now a reality with SMS Notifications which gives you the ability to perform actions like notifying clients about their order statuses, creating new orders, using SMS to inform customers about the creation of accounts, getting orders canceled, fulfilled orders, or even forwarding SMS to customers in order to recover abandoned shopping carts. SMS Notifications, also, provides you with an avenue for connecting with your customers in over 220 countries using SMS alerts. Now you stand the chance to convert customers who have abandoned shopping carts so that you do not miss out on that revenue.


Image credit: OptiMonk

Generating leads will always remain one of the most important objectives of any online business and the best part is where a business can successfully convert its first-time visitors that visit its shop into leads. This is the reason that OptiMonk was designed. With this Shopify app, you can capture email subscribers very easily in order to expand your venture. All of the visitors who exist your shop as soon as they step in the first time and do not carry out an action may likely not return to your shop again. These first-time visitors have to be specifically targeted and you can do so by using emails. OptiMonk can be used to create a list of healthy emails of persons who have visited your store and this will help you to communicate with them through newsletters while having the possibility of converting them subsequently.


Image credit: JivoChat

JivoChat lets your customers who come to your shop every day get firsthand assistance from you as you can communicate with them seamlessly. The JivoChat widget will help you to connect with multiple visitors at once and you will get to enjoy using its superb features such as color-coded chats, hotkeys, and more. This application is equipped with a language built for more than 90 languages while providing you vital info about your visitors with respect to their location, click source, and more.


Image credit: SyncSpider

SyncSpider is the top-notch eCommerce Syncing Software that revolutionizes how marketplaces, as well as, online shopping solutions carry out communications. SyncSpider is the best app if you are looking to synchronize your ecommerce platforms. Whatever you wish to do, whether it is to import, export, or sync your data, this application provides you a seamless way to do it. Computing large data comes with numerous challenges in order for systems to stay updated but with SyncSpider, all of that is taken care of.


Image credit: DragDropr

The one app that provides you with an effective way to get your webshop content optimized is a Shopify Page Builder DragDropr. It helps you to add personalized and easy-to-use features. This fantastic drag-and-drop editing tool gives you the ability to create fresh articles, web pages, blogs, and get your products customized and added efficiently. You can get to play with its widgets in order to get your store customized through elements tweaking on products. You can, also, do things like directly drop the products into the Shopify cart and more.


As much as 43% of all ecommerce traffic comes from Google. With this in mind, online shop owners today must take the needed steps to invest correctly in order to ensure that they get most of this traffic which can then be converted into customers that will help to boost their revenue. Making use of the right apps like the ones discussed above is a perfect way to do that.

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