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Speedwapp, a Powerful Tool For Website Creation And Frontend Developing

Speedwapp is a website builder project which aims to simplify website creation and editing. It allows webdesigners and developers to prototype their website projects and make them evolve easily, all this without spending time coding.

Speedwapp is a platform also intended to web entrepreneurs who can create their websites using customizable templates.

The project’s development is ongoing but many features are already available. You can test it by visiting the website at Once completed, Speedwapp will offer many innovative features perfectly adapted to frontend developing needs. Some of these features are:

  • Bootstrap grid system and all the framework’s component available for a responsive drag and drop prototyping;
  • External Bootstrap template import and customizing;
  • Possibility to import wireframe mockups (Balsamiq) and convert them into dynamic web pages;
  • A CSS proprieties panel which let users add any kind of CSS style interactively;
  • Compatibility with the CMS/Framework WordPress and Symfony2.

The first version of Speedwapp will be officially launched on October 8th 2015. It’ll be followed by a Kickstarter croudwdfunding operation in order to help the startup continue the project development and create the advanced features planned in the functional specifications.

You can become an ambassador of speedwapp by participating to a campaign which is actually ongoing with many rewards to be won.

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