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Startup of the Week: Marvel App

Welcome to a brand new weekly series called “Startup of the Week” which will feature many great startups and interviews with successful business heads. I have interviewed Murat Mutlu, the co-founder, designer and head of social media at Marvel App. I’ve asked Murat a series of questions regarding Marvel App and also regarding tips for budding entrepreneurs. Have a read at what he had to say.

How did the idea of Marvel come about?

Whilst working in agencies I kept seeing my design work shoved into Powerpoints and presented out of context. There was never any developer resource available because they were busy on projects so HTML/CSS prototypes were out of the question. I wanted a tool that could empower me to make prototypes myself without needing to code. After looking around nothing seemed to fit so I started to put together a few screens and then asked my friend Brendan if he wanted to try and hack something together.

Marvel app in action.

Simply, what does your app do?

Marvel turns images and sketches into interactive prototypes without needing to code.

The Marvel website.

Did you have a business plan?

Nope! Just a pitch deck that I put together after seeing the Buffer example. Another point – no reputable investors asked me for a business plan, they know they are just guesswork so anyone that asks you to put one together is wasting your time.

App sketch in progress.

What were the boundaries you faced when creating Marvel?

Money – we should have raised more early on. We took just £60k. At the time we thought that would be more than enough, but our competitors spend more than that on adwords every couple of months.

Marvel iOS app.

What is the difference between you and your competitors?

I think we’re easier to use and lower the barrier to entry in the prototyping space. Never underestimate the power of being able to do something in 2 clicks rather than 5!

Marvel on the Apple watch.

What were you doing before Marvel?

I was a freelance designer bored out my mind in agencies.

What advice would you give to budding entrepreneurs?

Build your network early, don’t wait until you need something to start reaching out to people.

“Build your network early, don’t wait until you need something to start reaching out to people.” – Murat Mutlu

Even if you don’t have an idea yet start building your audience using a blog, Twitter, newsletter or whatever. When the time comes you’ll already have your first 100-1000 users right there and who knows, you could have investors, journalists and advisors among them.

Marvel’s website homepage.

What is the one thing you think an entrepreneur should focus on that they may not find important?

I think that knowing how to get others excited about what’s in your head and coming along for the ride is an important one.

In one sentence, describe your job?

To help a team of talented people build a world class product that millions of people love to use.

Thank you

I’d like to say thank you to Murat for this interview. Have a look below at Marvel App’s social links. Get in touch if you want to suggest a startup for the upcoming interview.


Twitter: @marvelapp

Founded: July, 2013

Headquarters: London, UK

People: Murat Mutlu, Brendan Moore, Jonathan Siao, Oleg Tsaplin

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