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The Best Sketch Plugins For A Faster Design Workflow

I’ve been using Sketch for almost two years now. The way I see it, Sketch is the best tool to create mobile and web interfaces. While designing in Sketch is already much faster than in any other Adobe application, there are some additional plugins which can improve your workflow even further.

In this article, I collected the most essential Sketch plugins, that I use on a daily basis.

First and Foremost – Sketch Toolbox

Before we dive deeper into the world of Sketch plugins, I recommend you to download and install Sketch Toolbox, which is a super simple plugin manager application. Sketch Toolbox is only available in beta, but based on my experience, it’s fast, stable and reliable.


All the Sketch plugins I will show you can be downloaded and installed, via Sketch Toolbox, with a single click. Of course, you can install Sketch plugins manually as well by double-clicking the .sketchplugin file, but searching and installing plugins with Sketch Toolbox is so simple, that there is no point not using it.

Content Generator for Sketch

During our design process, it’s quite usual that we need to work with test data. The Content Generator for Sketch plugin allows us, with a few clicks, to quickly generate avatars, names, geo location data and photos for our design mockup.


Dynamic Button for Sketch

One of the problems using Photoshop for UI design is the lack of fluidity, in case of changing the content, let’s say the text within a button. Dynamic Button for Sketch allows us to create buttons with fixed paddings, so the size of the button will automatically adapt to the length of the text within it.

Sketch Mate

Sketch Mate is a very useful, when we put a lot of effort into organizing our artboards and layers. For example, with the help of Sketch Mate, we can automatically resize our artboard to fit well to our layers and content, we can replace layers with a simple shortcut or we can sort our layers based on a certain criteria (e.g. alphabetical order).


Sketch Measure

Sketch Measure is the perfect tool to add additional notes on the size of an object or on the space between different elements in our design. This is especially useful, when you are preparing the file for someone, or you’re working with engineers.

Sketch Icon Stamper Plugin

When we create iOS app icons or favicons, it can be frustrating to recreate the same icon in lots of different sizes. During this task, Sketch Icon Stamper can save us time, because it automates the whole process of creating different sized versions of our icons.


SketchSquares is similar to the Content Generator plugin, introduced above, with a small difference, that it provides us Instagram images to work with.

Day Player

Last, but not least, let’s have a look at the Day Player plugin, which is a multifunctional tool for using placeholder images. It allows you to insert placeholder images from whatever source you prefer, for example from,, or even We just have to give the source we prefer, the dimension, color, category, and Day Player will do the rest.



These are the Sketch plugins I use on a daily basis for my design workflow. For more inspiration and plugins, I recommend you to check the Sketch App Sources website as well.

What are your favorite Sketch plugins?

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