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Top New Web Design Trends

At the end of each year predictions for the new year in web design come to the fore and we all find ourselves wondering how on earth we once succumbed to such an outdated element as the photo carousel for example. Naturally, web design is one of most fast paced and innovative industries, so it is hard to keep up. So although these lists can initially seem alarming, they do in fact provide good insight into a rapidly changing scene.

We recently saw features such as sidebars, flash intros and popups be almost completely eradicated, while bad stock photography is no longer an option, and certain fonts are regularly being checked off the outdated list. On that note, out with the old and in with the new!


This has really come into its own in recent months. You want your website users to imagine as though they are there staying at your hotel, eating that burger, or travelling in Peru with you. Storytelling is all about evoking the user and evoking emotions and feelings within the user. This is done by creating interactive stories for the user with elements such as features visible upon hovering, audio narration, stunning visual elements and animation. The most important thing about storytelling is interweaving a narrative throughout – think simple, clear and real. This should be well thought-out before implementation.

Website Themes and Templates

Not all new web design trends are necessarily 100% novel – some are improvements and refinements to existing frameworks. The selection of website themes and templates on the internet is a great example of this. Previously they may have been seen as formulaic, but they are increasingly improving in quality and customizable features, allowing them to drive the latest trends. Many sites offer a large selection of customizable design templates and themes to choose from, so great web design is more accessible than ever before.

Mobile Devices

As some of you may already know, mobile queries have outnumbered desktop queries for a while now, meaning that mobile responsive design has a large role to play in all the newest trends. With recent developments, we’re now all beginning to look toward the mobile first approach which, as the name suggests, focuses on mobile design first, while ensuring the layout and features responsively adapt to the desktop format and other devices.


Video content has taken the digital design world by storm in recent times and has proved itself as one of the strongest elements of visual communication. Replacing static images with exciting and interactive videos has been a game-changer. As seen in this recent list of stunning websites that incorporate video, websites with large background videos have a large visual impact. Similarly, .gif images are proving ever more popular features on websites such as Buzzfeed.


Parallax scrolling has been growing in popularity over the last few years. This element adds to interactive storytelling and creates a certain depth to the site through its different scrolling speeds of the background and the foreground. When done correctly, this theme can be extremely impressive.

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