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Training Your New Employees

Business owners should utilize effective training techniques to help new employees transition into their position. Orientation programs educate new employees on company policies and help them understand their job role. Side by side training allows new employees to observe more experienced professionals in similar job roles. Training professionals can utilize webinars to educate new employees at multiple work locations. Businesses can hire internal and external trainers to educate large groups of employees at workshops. Learning manuals are also an effective method of training for new employees.

Learn more about these training techniques to discover how businesses can help employees transition into their new position.

Orientation Programs

Orientation programs educate employees on important company information to help professionals make an easy transition into their job role. These programs provide a wide variety of information such as company policies and job descriptions. Orientation sessions usually begin with a brief history of the company. Employees will learn about the dress code policy to ensure they are appropriately dressed for work. Most orientation programs will discuss attendance and tardiness policies. Orientation programs will educate employees on the benefits provided by the company. Employees will also receive detailed information about their specific job role.

Side By Side Training

Side by side training is an effective way for new employees to learn their job responsibilities. Employees benefit from observing more experienced professionals in similar job roles. Side by side training helps new employees learn about computer software and business procedures in a controlled environment. Employees can observe how other professionals perform job functions to learn how to complete their own job duties. New employees can begin completing job duties under the direct supervision of more experienced professionals when they feel comfortable with policies and procedures.


Webinars are a convenient method of training for new employees. This method of training is conducted on a computer with internet access. Employees can complete webinars from the office or in a remote location. An advantage of webinars is how training sessions can be completed from multiple locations. Webinars allow trainers and employees to communicate with each other over a secure network. New employees have the option to ask questions during the webinar to understand the material better. Webinars also allows trainers to educate a large group of people, which saves businesses time and money.


Many companies schedule workshops to educate new employees on policies and procedures. Most workshops take place in large conference rooms. Workshops are usually conducted from experienced trainers who are equipped to provide performance support. Businesses have the option to use a trainer employed at the company or can contract a trainer from outside the organization. Many employees find it more helpful to have a trainer in the room to answer complicated questions. Workshops can be set up with training assimilations to allow employees to complete their job function in a safe environment.

Learning Manuals

Learning manuals are an excellent way to train new employees on policies and procedures. New employees benefit from learning manuals because it allows them to refer back to important information when they begin working on their own. Learning manuals provide step by step instruction on how to complete job roles. Employees should frequently refer back to learning manuals to review procedures changes. Most companies upload learning manuals on a secure network to create easy access to important information.


Business owners can utilize effective training techniques to help employees transition into their new job role. Orientation programs provide employees with large amounts of information such as the company history and business procedures. Side by side training allows employees to observe more professional employees in similar job roles. Webinars enable trainers to educate employees in multiple locations on policies and procedures. Employees trained in workshops learn in a controlled environment under the direct supervision of a trainer. Learning manuals provide employees written instruction on how to complete their job.

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