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ViewFlux – Better Designs Through Collaboration

Design is a very complex and long process that requires transparency and efficient communication between designers and clients.

ViewFlux is a tool for creatives who want to manage their design projects with ease. You can share your work, make beautiful presentations or interactive prototypes, gather feedback and deliver the project assets when the project’s finished. And the best part, all ViewFlux plans are free during beta.


Delight your clients with beautiful presentations

Sending a bunch of images or PDF files to your clients won’t probably deliver the experience you have in mind. ViewFlux allows you to quickly create clickable high ­fidelity prototypes from your designs, so your clients can interact and experience their website or app straight from the design phase.

Centralized feedback in context


No more back and forth emails with lots of design files, endless discussions and Skype meetings. Presenting your design work and receiving feedback from your clients is made easier with ViewFlux. You can draw rectangles, arrows or add pinpoints to mark certain regions of the designs and then leave your comments right there, in context.

No need for 3rd party apps to send deliverables

After finishing a project, every designer has to send the source files to their clients. Deliver the final project assets with ease and avoid email attachment limitations, spam filters and 3rd party file delivery apps. ViewFlux­ saves time and makes you look professional.

Keep track of your past file versions

Record the entire history of your projects, even when it comes to the first sketches. When going through multiple design iterations, with ViewFlux you are able to keep record of your past file versions (revisions), so you can get back to a certain point in history or access all your previous discussions.

Organize your work

Don’t lose your past work, but don’t have it stay in your way. Organize your work in a professional and efficient manner so you can focus on what matters most.

Work as a team


Feel like you’re next to your team mates, wherever they are. Either you’re a freelancer or an agency ViewFlux will work for you. Since everything is real time, you will really feel like working in the same room. Whenever you add a project, create a new linkspot in your prototype, write a comment, your teammates (as well as your clients) will get to see them instantly.

Your clients will love it

High quality designs, pleasant interaction with your work and a great feedback experience on both sides will build long lasting relationships and happy clients. Showing your work to your clients is as easy as sending them a link. From there on, using a very simple interface, they can access the prototype or add their feedback on each of the project files.


Twitter: @ViewFlux

Founded: March, 2013

Headquarters: Oradea, Romania

People: Andrei Gadoiu, Jan Lukacs, Alex Drimbe, Andrei Bacter, Zoltan Varadi

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